Protegent Announces Kumbhalgarh Fort Scheme for Rajasthan partners

Balraj purohit, Regional Manager

Scheme Duration: 23rd May 2022 – 25th June 2022

Protegent has come up with an enticing offer for all its partners in Rajasthan! A trip to Kumbhalgarh fort i.e. the crowning glory of Rajasthan for 1 Night and 2 Days. Isn’t it a perfect trip for 2022? So, are you all ready to explore the majestic Kumbhalgarh fort in Rajasthan which is also the birthplace of Legendary Maharana Pratap? Have a look at what the Kumbhalgarh scheme is all about and how the partners can avail the offer and win an amazing trip to the Kumbhalgarh fort which is the wonderful marvel of Rajasthan.

What is this Kumbhalgarh Fort scheme all about?

The scheme is valid for one month i.e. starting from 23rd May 2022 to 25th June 2022. All the partners in Rajasthan who want to enjoy this mysterious trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort need to purchase 10 boxes of Protegent Total Security Software within the one-month duration mentioned above.

Does buying 10 boxes of total security software sound tough? Well, no worries. The partners who don’t want to buy 10 boxes of only Protegent total security software can also take the other route of scoring 100 points by buying any of the software mentioned below and earning 100 points to win this amazing trip to the Kumbhalgarh fort.


Protegent Antivirus software carries 7 points for 10 users’box

Total Security Software carries 10 points for 10 users’box

Complete SecuritySoftware carries 9 points for 5 users’ box

All the partners (based in Rajasthan) who’ll be able to achieve this target of 100 points or 10 boxes of Protegent Total Security software within the given one-month duration will enjoy this memorable trip.

Balraj purohit, Regional Manager is also excited about this scheme and is expecting more than 100 partners to win this exciting trip to the Kumbhalgarh Fort. So, don’t miss this chance! Avail the offer now.

Rajib Banergee- National Sales Manager  added that this scheme is a unique opportunity for all the channel partners in Rajasthan to get 2 days off from the daily work schedule and enjoy this enticing trip that Protegent is offering.

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Sarita Verma

(Marketing Manager)

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