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Protean Launches ‘eSignPro’ – Furthers Leadership in Regulatory Tech

A state-of-the-art unique comprehensive solution bundled with enterprise grade Smart Document Digitisation Suite

Protean eGov Technologies Limited (BSE: PROTEAN, formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited), a pioneer and technology leader in Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Regulatory tech launches state-of the-art digital signature and stamping product – eSignPro – aimed at being the single, most comprehensive eSign & eStamping offering in the market, bundled with a full stack smart documentation suite.

Building on Protean’s market leadership in digital identity and digital identity authentication & having processed more than 40 crore eSign transactions, the company launches eSignPro – the latest upgrade to Protean’s eSign stack to further expand its product offering and cement its market leadership position. eSignPro brings together the best of eSign & eStamping now bundled with a smart documentation & automation suite making it an enterprise-grade product, promoting cost efficient ease of doing business.

Digitalising agreements and solving its workflow presents a significant opportunity. Today, financial institutions alone spend more than Rs. 200 on an average to print, execute and store physical documents and manage logistics between their customers, branches and central offices and millions of such agreements are executed annually. eSignPro delivers all of that in a Digital, Paperless and Legally accepted format at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the automation built in eSignPro helps streamline workflows, create customised templates, and have maker/checker functionality all at one place making it a definitive, secure and hassle-free solution, thereby enhancing productivity. 

Speaking at the launch, Suresh Sethi, MD & CEO, Protean eGov Technologies said, “India has made transformational progress in creating multi sectoral Digital Public Infrastructure. This has been accompanied by progressive regulatory and legal framework like the Information Technology Act 2000 and Electronic Signature or Electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rules, 2015 (ESEATPR), which have enabled end to end digital and paperless processes. In spite of that, we are still saddled with physical documents and storage challenges leading to significant financial and environmental impact. eSignPro can completely eliminate physical paper and manual signatures across a host of processes such as account opening, re KYC, lending and any contract execution. It provides a superior experience with features like workflow management, user-friendly dashboards and universal access through WhatsApp, SMS, and email. It is designed to give faster turnaround times, reduced costs and enhanced risk control to organisations and their customers. eSignPro marks a pivotal stride in Protean’s commitment to further digital financial inclusion while building for billions.”

Protean is dedicated to providing innovative and technologically driven digital solutions to empower digital India’s individuals and businesses.

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