Propalms TSE Eases Microsoft Dynamics Products Deployment

Propalms logoPropalms TSE serves as a terminal service management tool by providing better delivery of applications over terminal services for Microsoft Dynamics products and other ERP solutions

Propalms, a leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions, has announced that Propalms TSE is compatible with all Microsoft Dynamics products.

Propalms TSE makes Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other client software available to user anywhere, anytime using any device and helps in connecting the right servers with right configuration, thereby helping organizations achieve maximum benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics products and other ERP solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics is more effective for an organization when it is deployed as a virtualized client application over terminal services. Though many companies run Dynamics over simple RDP, they face lot of challenges-for instance, with RDP, they get only rudimentary visibility, control and ease of use. Using bare terminal services require user training and increased support calls with risk of users corrupting the server environment because of lose security policies. It often becomes difficult to debug and fix various issues with terminal services and administrators end up spending lot of time in helping users over terminal services.

Propalms TSE, as a terminal services management solution, simplifies the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics Client software by providing a simple web based access method of the users and a web based management console for administrators to manage the applications, servers, user profiles, printers, connection settings and lot more Propalms TSE makes applications available any time on any device and helps organizations to reduce their day to day terminal services management woes. Propalms has a large customer base running Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other client software over TSE across the organization. Propalms is looking forward to add ERP solution providers as Propalms’ partners, who would like to ease the deployment of ERP solutions across their customer base. Propalms has a dedicated program to get ERP solution providers onboard with dedicated sales and pre-sales support.

Vijender Yadav, Director and CTO at Propalms said, “Every company will have a motto to grow and expand their business. Organizations adopt an ERP model to streamline activities and to use ERP in the best manner, organizations need remote access solutions. Propalms TSE benefits organization because it is compatible with all Microsoft Dynamics products. Propalms TSE is cost effective, easy to deploy and manage, and helps organizations to easily access ERP. “