Propalms’ OneGate Solution helps DTDC in Achieving an Effective, Server Based Computing Infrastructure

Propalms-logoPropalms solved security issues by auditing user login time, location, and device information

DTDC , one of the India’s leading courier & cargo express distribution companies, has chosen Propalms’ OneGate solution for achieving an effective, server based computing infrastructure.

Propalms is the leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop services; Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions.

DTDC, which has around 600 branch offices and 5,800+ franchisees, delivers 11 million consignments per month. Every branch office of DTDC had a local server setup, which caused synchronization problems. The company had to maintain a huge team of 140 people just to consolidate data from branch servers to centralized servers.

This meant that, while couriers were getting delivered within days, data consolidation and data correction would take weeks. Real time tracking of MPLS network between branch offices and two datacenters including DR site was a big concern. There was no custom application catering specifically to DTDC. To solve this problem, Propalms OneGate solution was short listed, evaluated and successfully installed.

Propalms deployed OneGate (earlier Propalms VPN) solution to address the load balancing problem at the terminal server farm. Propalms developed RDP plug-ins over OneGate to solve limitations of RDP. Authentication was achieved by getting users at branch offices to login using Propalms OneGate first to verify their identity. The same identity was fed to the application by Propalms OneGate, making sure that user cannot change the login name within the application.

Propalms OneGate took care of session reconnect and session persistence for terminal services connection. Complete auditing of user login/logout time, location and device information is available from Propalms OneGate Management portal.

Benefits of implementing Propalms OneGate solution-

Real time updates from branch offices ensures DTDC’s customers can track their courier any time

Through Propalms OneGate, DTDC could achieve an effective, efficient server based computing infrastructure

With server RDP limitations, the model would not have worked. But Propalms OneGate solved several problems of RDP, which made the infrastructure work

Complete data encryption even over MPLS ensures client data information integrity

Easy role base access control implementation

 Better support of Propalms OneGate for Linux made migration possible to Linux based desktops/thin clients, reducing desktop management cost

Vijender Yadav, Director and CTO at Propalms said “We understood the problems faced by DTDC. Identity management was a big challenge. To tackle this, we created a system whereby DTDC users at Branch offices would first login into Propalms OneGate to verify their identity. The same identity was fed to the application by Propalms OneGate after making sure that user cannot change the login name in the application.”

“For DTDC to grow and succeed, it was important to provide real time access of courier data to our regional offices and agents at minimal cost. We could not have achieved this by deploying leased lines or MPLS. We relied on broadband Internet and used Propalms OneGate to access our business applications. The OneGate solution has been running with thousands of user logins every day, feeding data in real time in our applications so that our customers can track their courier status every second.”– Satyajit Sarkar, GM-IT, DTDC Ltd

“We have been using Propalms OneGate for the past seven years. We find it to be secure, fast and stable. We are using Propalms with our ERP solution, which is accessed from various devices from multiple locations. We found it is very easy to manage and the product support is one of the best in the market.”– Anil. K,Sr. Manager IT & Infrastructure at DTDC Ltd