January 28, 2021

Prompt launches innovative instant milk chiller

Gujarat-based Prompt Group, a leading equipment and software solutions provider across the dairy supply chain, launched MilkoChill, an instant chilling machine that helps in retaining the purity of milk at the source during the 48th Dairy Industry Conference in Jaipur on Thursday (20 Feb 2020).

“India is the world’s largest producer of milk, and most of it is produced by small holder dairy farmers. One key factor that affects the quality of milk is the time lag between milking and first chilling. Being highly perishable, milk needs to be chilled at the earliest to arrest bacterial growth and to retain its quality. The MilkoChill is a revolutionary product that makes it possible to chill milk at source, thereby reducing spoilage, retaining quality, increasing shelf life, and hence boosting farmers’ income,” Shridhar Mehta, Director, Prompt Equipment, told media-persons.

The MilkoChill brings benefits of instant milk chilling right at the farmer’s doorsteps, which helps in retaining the quality and freshness of the milk.

The MilkoChill, which can chill 250 litre milk instantly in one hour, is based on a unique thermodynamic design that has been developed by Prompt under technology license from IIT Bombay which results in maximum heat transfer with the lowest energy consumption.

“Keeping in mind the non-reliable electrical grid supply in remote villages, it is designed with a thermal storage mechanism that stores energy whenever electricity is available. This reduces farmers’ dependence on electricity at the time of chilling. It also offers the flexibility to connect with energy sources such as solar power, making it an ideal product for many rural places,” Mr Mehta said further.

Moreover, MilkoChill produces up to 100 litre per day of hot water as a by-product from heat recovery which can be used for equipment Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Cattle Sanitation.

Over the last 27 years, Prompt has launched a number of innovative products and solutions to ensure transparency and quality in milk supply chain. It had recently launched BovSmart, an innovative animal wearable product designed for detecting the onset of the cow’s heat cycle, and to ensure timely breeding with a high success rate.

“Milk travels a long way from the dairy farm to the consumer. Our innovative products and solutions, cover the entire spectrum from farm management and milk collection, to quality analysis and preservation, and ensure that quality and purity of milk are retained at every step of its journey. Our innovations are a part of our pursuit of maintaining the sanctity of milk so that the world’s most ancient health drink can be appreciated as it truly is – untouched and unadulterated,” Mr Mehta added.