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Projector Shipments In India Reach $100 Mn In 2015

Owing to an increased demand from the country’s entertainment, home, education as well as corporate sector, the combined number of projector shipments in India reached $100 Mn mark last year, as per research firm 6Wresearch.
The research firm has also attributed the growth in shipment numbers to initiatives such as Digital India as well as rapid advancements in the fields of 3D, HD and Wi-Fi, which has given rise to new potential markets such as Gaming, Home entertainment etc.
Epson bagged the topmost position in terms of total number of units shipped in the country, while BenQ stood at second in the list. Both the vendors managed to garner a combined projector market share of 41 per cent. The vendor list also comprised of other major players in the segment including Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Ricoh, Dell etc.
The findings by the research firm also highlighted that projectors offering Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology contributed to major portion of total shipments in the country.
The mounting demand for mobility, emergence of BYOD trend and a boom in the penetration of smartphones and tablets have catalyzed the demand for PICO projectors in the country.
There is also a healthy demand for Ultra Short-Throw projectors in the country, owing to limited office spaces and replacing of traditional electronic interactive whiteboards by enterprises, said 6Wresearch.