Announces Strategic Partnership With DigitalWinners. is an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software company. It strengthened its tie-ups with the European companies by coming in a strategic partnership with DigitalWinners. DigitalWinners is a German company focusing on Strategy, Digital Transformation and OKR management consultation firm. provides a highly intuitive, cloud-based OKR technology primarily to help the organizations to better define their Corporate Objectives and their key results and ultimately bring them forward them to the  departmental, team and individual objectives. has over 1,000 clients globally in various sectors which includes Technology, Government, BFSI, Media Analytics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, ITeS, Healthcare and Entertainment.’s Founder and CEO Bastin Gerald said that their partnership with DigitalWinners will help in amplifying their efforts towards creating an awareness about It will also help in expanding their  European Market. They are looking forward towards the partnership and they expect to bring better values to their customers in Europe.

DigitalWinners, Co-Founder and Partner André Steiner said that they are very excited to be part of this partnership. They look forward to work with and help them in ushering their vision towards enabling an iterative business execution from startups to large corporations in the markets.