Prime ABGB Plans to shrink PCs by concentrating on Small form factor PCs

Aims on Next generation processors which are feature rich, space savers and Ultra-compact form factor PCs

Prime ABGB Prime ABGB, National distributors who are known in IT market for its involvement with the premium brands today announced its focus on distributing Next Unit of Computing (NUC) a small form factor PCs. Rich in features like flexibility, customization engine to drive home theatre PCs, Media center PCs and Intelligent computing for small spaces, this NUC facilitates true desktop-class performance that is not only suitable for everyday productivity tasks, but even for some serious works.

Mr Gulbir Bhatia, Managing Director at Prime ABGB said, “As a result of PC users with more interests in small, low-power desktop for their home or office or living room, the components inside PCs are constantly shrinking. More power efficient GPUs, smaller motherboards have emerged to facilitate PC vendors to create SFFs not much larger than a current generation consoles. SFF systems offer a number of advantages compared to larger traditional desktops. Compact in size these NUCs are suitable for users who have limited space and also they are ideal for HTPC use, placed along with the other minor home theater components like receivers.”

These compact industrial computers based around the NUC form factor features high performance processors and allows the system to be easily integrated into larger enclosures or concealed from view once mounted behind a computer or signage display. Designed for digital signage applications these systems also features rich multimedia I/O including HDMI, Mini Display Ports, LAN, and 2 USB 2.0 ports with a front access USB 2.0 ports which are compatible with 64-bit operating systems from Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu. Most important factor is that all the main USP of these NUC is that they are less energy consuming and have efficient thermal cooling designs assuring the reliability and steady performance throughout the life of the product.