Presensoft Announces A New Google Apps Archiving Solution

PresensoftPresensoft® recently launched Google Apps Archiving to provide a third-party email archive alternative to Google Vault. With the new archiving solution, organizations forced to use third-party archiving solutions can continue to use Google Apps and Gmail™ without violating federal compliance.

With real-time archiving, Presensoft’s Google Apps Archiving solution captures and retains email data immediately and sends it to the cloud. Administrators can quickly access the archives using Presensoft’s central management platform and utilize the robust searching features to find exact email data.

We have been impressed with the growth of Google Apps,” said David Pulaski, CEO of Presensoft Inc. “It has become a central part of many corporate mail systems and we are pleased to add archiving services for customers with strict compliance needs.

Based on an organization’s archiving policy, Presensoft’s Google Apps Archiving solution also provides the option for administrators to set policies that will allow users to view their own archives. Users can find deleted emails or export email reports in a collective view to share the progress of their projects to managers. Presensoft’s archiving solution for Google Apps and Gmail™ is a truly customizable and flexible archiving solution for small and large businesses.

For over 10 years, Presensoft has been a leading email and IM archiving solution for organizations worldwide and has helped companies meet major regulatory requirements, including those set by FERC, FINRA, FRCP, HIPAA, SEC, NASD, SOX, and GLBA.

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