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PremiumAV Assures The Security Of Windows 10

Enhancing the security of Windows 10, Premium AV launches the first ever PremiumAV and PremiumAV IS premium-AV2016 for Windows 10. Premium AV too is all set to tap into the growing manufacturing activity in India, led by the Narendra Modi government’s Make-in-India campaign. With an unbeatable price of Rs. 160/- or $2.5, PremiumAV and PremiumAV IS 2016 for Windows 10 will be available in India from 1st August 2016.

PremiumAV Anti-Virus is the foundation of our battle with the latest malware. It protects against malicious software and assesses the security of each website a user visits. PremiumAV Anti-Virus also includes an automatic exploit protection system, which prevents malware from exploiting security gaps in legitimate applications and software used by millions of people across the globe.

Sanjay Garg, CEO, Premium AV said, “Windows 10 is by far the most secure Windows that Microsoft has ever launched and PremiumAV just believes in enhancing the security. We are immensely proud as well as happy to have launched PremiumAV and Premium IS 2016 for Windows 10″.