February 28, 2021

Pre-installed MaymyIndia App now available free for Blackberry 10 OS users

MaymyIndia has launched a new app for BlackBerry 10 that will is said to provide comprehensive navigation for Blackberry 10 users. The application is available free for all Blackberry 10 users from Blackberry World. Users can access the pre-installed maps for navigation without needing data connection.

The application gives you access to 3D Maps as well as places of interest like restaurants, landmarks, ATM’s across thousands of cities in India. You also get connectivity across different villages as well as major highways in India. According to the company BlackBerry app “comes packaged in a very intuitive user interface enabling you to find your way faster and better.”


Rohan Verma, Director, MapmyIndia says, “The partnership between BlackBerry and MapmyIndia offers the best navigation experience available to Smartphone users in India today.” The App has English and Hindi Language support and gives users directions, lane guidance and sight seeing places on the way. The data gets saved on your smartphone and the user can use the app without worrying about additional costs while roaming.

BlackBerry has been constantly trying to enhance its applications and support with the new Blackberry 10 OS. BlackBerry has introduced PIN to PIN messaging in BlackBerry Hub and the user can also send messages to people who don’t have access to BBM app.

The text picker tool is now easier to use and now you can paste the phone numbers directly into the dialer app. Blackberry is also aiming to introduce HDR option for taking stills later this year.

                                              Source-Think Digit