Pre- Budget Reactions from IT Industry : 2014-15

High resolution Pic of  Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-Vision

Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-Vision

‘This Budget sets out a clear direction for growth of country with major fo:2014-15cus on scale and skill which helps to improve the capability of individual at the rural/small scale to make them self- sustained. We are happy with the Modi Govt’s decision to support start ups in Technology space, announcement of 7060 crore for smart cities and creating venture Capital fund of 10000 crore for MSME will inspire many product based companies which increases the job opportunity. It is much welcome step which are the potential of fuel future growth.’


High Resolution photo of Mr. Sandeep Popli

Mr. Sundeep Popli COO at LAPCARE
‘We welcome the new Govt. first budget of structural reform aimed at reviving growth and connectivity. The hike in Tax exemption limit will provide respite to consumer and in turn, boost their spending power. This is encouraging for IT sector as well because it will help consumption and demand from consumers. We can say that, this Union Budget 2014-2015 comes with the optimistic approach and move by the Govt. for entire Industry.’



Subir Mahapatra , Vice President at Savera Marketing

“We warmly welcome the Jaitely Budget. It is recognized that middle class is the backbone of consumer economy. As we all know that boom in IT Industry with advanced technology decide the growth of country. For same Modi Sarkar is going to take good initiative in Technology space and announcement of 7060 crore for smart cities will help to create new job opportunities especially in rural areas. We can say that, this budget is very pragmatic and realistic which support the growth of country’


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