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Pre-Budget Expectation Quote on Data Analytics Industry: Mr. Arun Balasubramian, Managing Director – Qlik India

Mr. Arun Balasubramian, Managing Director – Qlik India

Speaking about the industry expectations ahead of the upcoming Union Budget announcement, ArunBalasubramian, Managing Director – Qlik India, said, “Transformations ushered in by technologies such as AI, data science, and analytics have made information ownership the new centre of power. Recent policy discussions on issues such as Data Protection and Data Localisation highlight that the government realises the ever-increasing value of data. However, in order to create a level playing field for all stakeholders, it is just as critical to ensure that data ownership is decentralised.”

“To begin with, the government must look to increase public awareness about the need and impact of data by launching large-scale data literacy initiatives in association with leading domain players. Furthermore, it should look to facilitate the creation of a high-performing technology infrastructure that thrives on networked distribution. Implementing these measures can improve access to data for relevant stakeholders while keeping it secure and decentralised, thus enabling India’s transformation into a data-driven economy. Empowering the masses with information will, in turn, drive greater collaboration, innovation, equality, and progress.”