Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd launches Trader’s Edge- New generation trading tool

While trading, many questions arise in the mind of trader’s (what level to BUY at, how much STOPLOSS, when to revise STOPLOSS). These questions cause a lot of confusion because the current source of information is a Human. An analyst is the best person to answer this. Every trader hopes to have a personal analyst between 9:15-3:30. But it’s way too expensive cause they charge in lakh’s. Also, an analyst is also a human, whose mind is affected by greed, emotion, fear, and overconfidence.

When you enter a wrong trade, you lose 2 things: a. Monetary Loss of the wrong trade. b. Loss of opportunity for the right trade.

Trader’s Edge is a full-time robotic analyst in-built in the Fox Trader. PL India (Prabhudas Liladhar) terminal which guides you at every step while trading and drastically enhances your trading performance by answering your complex questions systematically.

Trader’s Edge makes you a disciplined trader by teaching you the magic behind Trade in Trending market & the POWER of constant position sizing and the PRECISION of buying and selling at the right time.

Trader’s Edge having a trading planner tool like index and strategy selection mechanism, exit strategy setting, constant position sizing and entry/exit plan. This will help in keeping a discipline while trading and a plan to achieve the financial goals of a trader.

There is E-Signal and TradeTiger available in the market. But E-Signal costs 1 lac + and TradeTiger just gives BUY/SELL but does not tell you Not To Trade.

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