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Powerful Disk Imaging Tool for Data Managers and Forensics Professionals

DataNumen_Logo  DataNumen has released DataNumen Disk Image v. 1.1, a free Windows disk program that creates a disk image from any drive on the computer. The software functions by cloning byte by byte the raw data of the drive or disk. Version 1.1 features substantially faster cloning speeds, as well as an enhanced library of statistical information.

With age, drives develop more and more bad sectors. If bad sectors result in damaged files that can no longer be accessed, it is a common practice to attempt to recover the files directly on the damaged drive.

Unfortunately, this practice often creates additional problems. The data recovery process itself requires writing new files to the damaged drive, and this process can jeopardize the ability of users to recover the bad files. DataNumen Disk Image helps data managers and forensic professionals clone a damaged drive and move the clone to a second computer where the analysis can take place safely.

Many of DataNumen´s extensive libraries of file recovery applications are able to work with the cloned backup image that DataNumen Disk Image creates. If a user accidentally reformats his hard drive, for example, and uses DataNumen Outlook Repair to recover some of the files, it is possible that reading and rewriting the Outlook files will result in additional file damage. Fortunately, DataNumen Outlook Repair can work with a cloned disk image on a second computer to recover the lost Outlook files. The software searches the raw data in the clone, byte by byte, and safely writes the recovered files on the second computer´s hard drive.

DataNumen Disk Image gives forensic experts the ability to safely analyze any Windows drive. Rather than risk making changes to the hard drive, the forensic professionals can clone the entire drive, and work with the clone on a second computer. In addition to making the e-Discovery and forensic analysis work safer, DataNumen Disk Image also makes the work easier and quicker. Forensic experts can clone drives and examine them on their favorite computer. There is no need for them to open and remove physical drives and install them in other computers.

DataNumen Disk Image can replace damaged sectors with specified data. It can clone multiple disks and drives in a single batch operation.

Price and availability

DataNumen Disk Image version 1.1 runs on Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. DataNumen Disk Image is available without cost, and may be downloaded from http://www.datanumen.com/disk-image/


Company website: www.datanumen.com
Product page: http://www.datanumen.com/disk-image/