Post CES Las Vegas 2014 – Wearable Technology Is “Wear” It’s At And AcousticSheep LLC Is “Fit” To Be Tied

rp_slider_1Research conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association found that dedicated wearable fitness devices tripled in ownership from 2012 to 2013, growing from 3 percent to 9 percent.

Likewise, purchase intent has jumped 10 percent in the last year. Manufacturers have taken notice and are working to meet this growing demand.

“Wearable technology that is not only cool, but simple enough for anyone to use to improve their lives is what we are about at AcousticSheep,” said CEO and inventor, Dr. Wei-Shin Lai.

With multiple product launches this year aimed at improving people’s health both day and night, AcousticSheep has once again caught the attention of CES Innovations judges. The creator of the patented “headphones in a headband” received two Innovations Honoree awards, one of which was in the Wearable Technology category.

RunPhones Intensity and RunPhones Wireless have been designed to make the workout experience easier and more fun.

According to the research conducted by the CEA, 74 percent of consumers exercise in the home. To that end, RunPhones Intensity will make working out in the home much productive, with its exclusive high intensity workout program built into the band. No gym required.

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