Post Budget Reaction by Mr. Swetabh Pathak, Co-Founder, Elucidata

Mr.Swetabh Pathak, Co-Founder, Elucidata

 “The 2019 budget celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship in India, with a number of provisions for startups and MSMEs. Whether it’s organizing a Global Investors’ Meet to boost entrepreneurship or resolving taxation issues, there are significant incentives for new-age companies. In addition, the budget’s emphasis on training millions of youth in industry-relevant skills like AI, IoT and Big Data will help address demand gaps for trained technology professionals across industries. A key tenet of this year’s budget is the renewed emphasis on inclusion of Research & Innovation in the National Education policy; and the proposal to set up a national research foundation to assimilate research grants from various ministries. As a startup in the field of deep tech and science, we understand the significance of building R&D from the ground up and welcome the Government’s support in this. We are confident of its long-term impact and predict a rise in innovation and creativity, boosting entrepreneurship further and putting India at par with global counterparts.”