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Portronics unveils Electropen 2 – for the “Digitally Smart!”

 -Bluetooth Digital Pen to access, archive, share and edit information on your mobiles, tablets and computers-

Electropen image 2

Whether you’re a student sitting through a lecture or a professional sitting through an important business presentation, taking notes is a vital task. Portronics unveils the Electropen 2 which makes your note-taking process not only more evolved but absolute fun! With Electropen 2, you can access, archive, share and edit your important information with ease – over any digital medium you wish to choose, be it your mobile, tablet or computer.

Electropen 2 creates a perfect link between the Analog and the Digital medium. It gives you the ease to write on normal paper with a digital pen using normal ink and then helps transfer the contents “as is” on to the digital medium where you can easily edit the content, share the content, add to the content or even erase the content as you would otherwise normally do on a computers or tablets.

The Electropen 2 uses a small receiver to scan what is being written down on the paper. You need to download the “Cloudwrite” from the App store of IOS or Google Play. Using this, Electropen 2 converts the handwritten document into a real time one and you can see the same images or notes on the Mobile screen /Tablet wirelessly.

Electropen 2 is almost as discreet as a normal ballpoint pen. It use real ink and it writes on real paper. The only difference between a digital pen and the pen in your pocket is the digitization of your pen strokes – every word, doodle, sketch or scribble is converted into a digital page. The electronic pen uses a unique technology to capture your pen strokes – a Positional Receiver that clips to the top of a page. The receiver uses infra-red and ultrasound waves in tandem with a sensor on the pen’s tip to create a vector image of whatever you write.

Electropen 2 comes in a convenient all-in-one package that includes the Bluetooth pen, Leather case, Receiver and Charging cable. The pen contains a rechargeable battery that can be charged through any USB interface. Electropen 2 is useful in meetings for professionals, in classrooms for students as well as for professors, designers etc.


  • Remotely captures handwritten notes, signatures, maps & sketches
  • Bluetooth connection between Tablets, Mobiles to Digital Pen
  • Wired connection to the Laptops and Desktops
  • No need for batteries, recharge the digital pen through any Laptop or USB interface
  • One can erase the Notes from the Mobiles
  • Change the Notes/add colours and also change the Pen size
  • Can be used for Digital Signatures
  • Uses normal paper and Normal Ink hence no extra cost for consumables
  • Used for A4 pages
  • Special Free App can be downloaded from IOS and Android store
  • Software for the computer will be available on www.portronics.com