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Portronics adds another name to its series of sleek and stylish laptop stand – Introduces My Buddy M

Portronics a leading provider of Innovative, Digital and Portable Solutions has added My Buddy M to its existing series of amazing laptop stands and standing workstations.

My Buddy M aims to improve your working posture and screen viewing angle while working on laptops as a result it improves your productivity, creativity and overall health and happiness levels. The ergonomic design also ensures that your fingers and wrists get optimum angle when typing to reduce fatigue and reduce the chances of developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

My Buddy M is a unique portable, lightweight and strong Aluminium glazed device. It is designed scientifically to let the natural air ventilation cool the laptop, thus ensuring longer battery life due to less battery charging cycles required. It can easily carry any laptop from 13” to 17” including Macbooks and tablets.

While the standing aluminium wedge cum flap at the bottom of My Buddy M ensures right viewing and typing angle, the same flap conveniently and easily folds into the body of My Buddy M making it absolutely flat. You can easily carry the flattened My Buddy M in your laptop bag and use it whenever and wherever needed.

Portronics has strategically placed anti slip silica rubber pads and rubberized feet which ensure that your laptop does not skid and is kept firm and secure on My Buddy M. My Buddy M also remains stable even on glossy table.

My Buddy M has sleek dimensions of 230x226x4 mm and weights only 400grams and can easily slide into your laptop bag without making it too heavy or lumpy.

So improve the working posture and the health – give it as one of the best gifts to yourself, your spouse, and your manager.

Pricing and Availability:

My Buddy M is available at a striking price-point of INR 1799/-

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