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Pokemon Go fans fume after update resets game progress

Hundreds of Pokemon Go fans were left in disbelief after an update reset the widely popular augmented reality game, wiping out three weeks worth of Pokemon catching.
After realizing that downloading an update for the game had led to the application resetting itself, fans of the game took to social media to express their sadness.
Some shocked fans called for any money spent on Pokemon Go to be refunded, while others frantically searched for ways to reverse the change, ‘the Telegraph’ reported.
“My Pokemon Go account was reset back to level 1. I was level 20. Is there any way to get my progress back?,” Gustavo Flores, a player of the game, wrote on social media.
“After update my account reset to the beginning. I lost my Pokemon and all the money I put into this game,” complained another user, Jenalee Soloman.
One user reported to have actually cried after the app was reset.
“My Pokemon go app was reset and I lost everything, I was level 14 and I had just caught charmander today. *Actually crying*,” the user wrote.
One Twitter user claimed that players could get their progress back by using an alternative email to sign in.
“Log out of Google in Safari on iOS and then login again in Pokemon app. This will fix it,” the user said.
Pokemon Go was released on July 6 and has around 9.5 million daily active users. It involves finding characters from the game in real life locations.
Yesterday, the iOS and Android update of the game was made available to users. It promised to fix a number of problems, with the new version also including warnings such as “do not drive” and “do not trespass while playing Pokemon Go.”
The cautions come in the wake of reports about Pokemon Go users having to be rescued while playing the game.

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