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PNY Stereo Earphones E105/E200 : Enjoy better sound

PNY EarphonesPNY Technologies (“PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and Flash products has launched the new Stereo Earphones E105/E200 for mobile music lovers on the go. The stereo earphones delivers dynamic sound, detailed music and clear crisp audio that beats other typical earphones .The slim and aesthetically designed earphones packs a punch with superb bass and treble sound offering you the best listening quality.

The stereo earphones remain comfortably and securely in place with its soft, silicon cushioned ear tips that fits snugly to your ear and offers you uninterrupted listening without the worries of earphones that keep falling out. The In ear tips offers enhanced noise cancellation and eliminates any ambient sounds so you can listen to your favorite track or attend your calls without any disturbance. For added convenience, the ear tips comes in three adjustable sizes (S/M/L) to suit different ear shapes and provide maximum comfort. 

The E105 comes in two summer colors: soda blue and mint green that complements the colorful personality of the young and fashion oriented crowd. The E200 suits the professional front and is perfect for business and office environment with its stylish metallic finish available in blue and gold colors.

The stereo headphones are extremely lightweight and yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of on the go listening. It can be easily connected to your MP3, IPod, PC, I Phone or any other music device.

PNY Stereo Earphones E105/E200 is priced aggressively at just Rs.500-

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