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PNY announce the Power Bank 80A for power hungry devices

Taipei, Taiwan – May, 2013 PNY Technologies® (“PNY”) considered one of a worldwide leader in consumer electronics market and Flash products, launched the new Power Bank 80A . With power hungry mobiles and tablets, the battery backup is often just not enough. PNY Power-80A with a humungous 8000mAh battery that can easily take care of such troubles. This capacity is sufficient to charge most mobile phones up to 5 times, and a tablet may be charged once. The device comes with two USB ports that let you charge two different devices such as a mobile phone and an iPod or MP3 player at the same time. Two USB cables have been bundled along for this purpose, so you don’t have to buy separately. If your phone uses a proprietary charging port, you can still connect its charging cable to one of the USB ports. Its micro-USB port allows it to be charged using its bundled adapter even while it charges the connected devices. The heart of the 80A is a high quality 8000 mAh Li-Polymer battery which is approved by FCC/CE certifications and SGS full battery capacity confirmation. It’s much safer and has very low chances of explosion.PNY Power Bank 80A

Unlike commonly available batteries that are usually of low grade, are recycled, and cheat on the actual capacity, this one is completely new, performs exactly as per specified capacity, and has higher efficiency and longer life.

The battery can be recharged 500 times and yet retains 70% of its original rated capacity. Most other batteries become unusable after less than a 100 recharges. The output voltage of 5 V and current of up to 2.1 V is sufficient to even charge tablets, iPad, and other smart devices. The 80A gives the highest importance to the safety of the devices you charge. Its circuitry incorporates various protective measures such as protection against over charge, over voltage, over current, and short circuit. Smart power management controller ensures that the power conversion efficiency is maintained at up to 88%, thus minimizing waste of power.

The PNY Power Bank 80A cost at Rs. 3500(MRP) and comes with a one year limited warranty. To add more value for your money, PNY also provides charging cables for iPhone, Samsung phones, PSP, and for devices that use mini-USB and micro-USB interfaces.

Visit for more information or to learn more about the entire line-up of PNY Products: http://www.pnytech.in.