January 23, 2021

PM Narendra Modi’s Plan to Ensure Next Google is From India

modisThere is enormous talent in India, but why no Google has emerged from India and why no Microsoft was born there, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has wondered.

Addressing a gathering here during his official visit to Canada, Modi said that for a ride in an auto-rickshaw in India, you have to spend approximately Rs 10 a km. But India has been able to send Mangalyan to Mars for less than Rs 7 a km.

The point here, he said, is that enormous talent exists in India. “What we wonder is why no Google has emerged from India, why no Microsoft was born there.”

He said his government will create an atmosphere in India where innovation is encouraged and the talent in India is encouraged to bring about the latest major developments.

Saying that the uranium agreement with Canada would help India meet its commitment on climate change, Modi said Canada will supply the fuel to produce nuclear energy, which would help it to reduce carbon emission and thereby help climate change.