PlayStation and Free Games Declared

For PlayStation Plus members, speed Payback and Vampyr is going to be accessible for free for the entire October. The firm has announced that the games are going to be obtainable and it will start from 6th October 2020 till 2nd November 2020. The video game console is planning on giving out free titles each month for free to the members of Plus. It looks like players will get an opportunity to race supercars or they can take control of a vampire with the existing games in October.

Once the user has added their favorite game to the library, the free-of-cost PlayStation Plus titles can be downloaded whenever the users want. Still, the games will only be obtainable with an active PlayStation Plus subscription.


Image from Playstation

Need for Speed Payback was released in the year, 2017 and is the twenty-third entry into the electronic arts’ famous racing franchise. The franchise is an open-world racer set available in the fictional Fortune Valley which will remind the users about Las Vegas, USA. Users can get a chance to step into 3 playable characters’ shoes in their offline single-player campaign. It will also engage the users in audacious swoops in inspired by Hollywood driving shots. The users can too test their capabilities in ranked and unranked multiplayer races as well. The game is praised for its beautiful setting and an imposing showcase of cars. Somehow, the game has also criticized its scripted chase shots, extreme grinding-based progression system, and transactions that last for a short period.

Vampyr allows its users to take control of Jonathan Reid who is a doctor and was turned into a ferocious vampire. All you have to do is to either be a friendly neighborhood demon and help out the people of London by using newly found powers or you can become a vampire and start feeding on people. The thing that makes this game so exciting is its settings especially audio and the story which knows how to make it engaging for its users.
Users who don’t have the PlayStation Plus subscription can buy Vampyr for INR 2,499.
They can either way still download the free games from PlayStation Plus. It will be available till 5th October 2020.
In India, the price for the subscriptions is INR 499 for 1 month, INR 1,199 for 3 months & INR 2,999 for an entire year.