Pioneer launches DJ products in India


Pioneer India, better known for delivering in-car entertainment systems, has entered the disc-jockeying (DJ) market in India with six models of mixers, five models of controllers, a a DJ turntable, a DJ system, a remix station, two speakers models, three headphone models and other accessories.

Pioneer forayed into DJ products category in 1994 by introducing the world’s first table top CD player for DJ’s, when record player was sill the standard. In 2001 Pioneer’s DJ players were cemented as the market’s de facto standard (a position they have retained ever since) with the launch of the CDJ-1000 as the industry’s first DJ-oriented CD player capable of real-time scratching.

In India, Pioneer DJ product range is available through Pioneer’s distributor Rivera International. Pioneer has also tied up with a large retail chain to demonstrate and sell its affordable range of amateur DJ products from next month.

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