Pinterest users reporting hacked accounts with spam Pins


Spamming and phishing on social-media isn’t new anymore. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now even Pinterest users are often at risk. Multiple Pinterest users are now reporting their accounts have been hacked, filling boards with obvious spam posts (or Pins).

According to a report by Techcrunch, several users said their Pinterest accounts on Friday were hacked and flooded with spam posts. These included weight loss ads and ‘butt pics’. Techcrunch also says its co-editor’s account had been hacked, and the company is trying to reach out to Pinterest for comment.

In other reports, the scam takes root by sending a phishing-style Pinterest email claiming that a friend or a popular personality has shared a link. Clicking on the image in the email could compromise user information to the hackers.

It hasn’t been too long since Pinterest users were said to be danger of scams. Earlier this month, theBetter Business Bureau sent out a scam alert warning to users, telling them to be careful when clicking on Pins. Common scam Pins included celebrity and beauty photos, giveaway offers, before and after diet pictures, and even infographics. Hackers were said to be accessing accounts in various ways such as through a third-party app and malicious code.

“Pinterest is an easy outlet for scammers to access, just like any social media website,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois.

While Pinterest has not yet responded to the hacking claims, the Better Business Bureau has listed a few tips that may help not getting caught off-guard. Few normal steps for prevention include things like changing accounts password, if you feel anything suspicious and logout from the account if you are not using it. To know more about the preventive steps, users can visit the BBB website.

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