Photo Industry is Now Virus-Proof; NashWall Prevents Known & New Malware

NashWall, developers of the world’s first Virus-Proofer, has announced that the photo-studio industry have started to switch from anti-virus to The Virus-Proofer. They have been facing sluggish systems & crashes due to viruses that their customers bring on USB drives. Since, anti-viruses depend on signature updates; they can’t detect new viruses that come via USB drives & memory cards of their clients.

Photo studio industry, which is burgeoning at a fast pace, thanks to Camera’s in mobiles loses customers when photos disappear from memory cards. Customers become hostile as lifetime memories are lost from USB Drives. It has been losing cash & credibility, in-spite of buying multiple anti-viruses and paying service engineers to format & reinstall software.

Being the developers of world’s first Virus-Proofer, NashWall stops both known & unknown viruses by blocking installation of applications. This prevents installation of Malware from Internet or USB drives.

It also blocks running of apps from USB / LAN to prevent memory Infections. The multi-pronged protection along with a built in Firewall stops all kinds of rogue apps. Modification of existing application is also prevented to ensure a virus-proof system.

NashWall has added over 1000 customers in past one month alone, by providing complete system protection. Virus-proofed systems are even faster, as neither viruses nor anti-viruses are allowed to misuse resources. It can even prevent systems without Internet, as Virus-Proofer does not depend on signature updates.

NashWall comes with live remote access support, at the click of a button, to troubleshoot systems remotely. Apart from being educated about virus-proofing concepts, the photo studios also save time & money spent earlier on service engineers.

NashWall Virus-Proofer has been a boon to all users who get infected by their customers. It ensures complete protection of both rural & urban systems, regardless of their location.

Narendra Kumar, Founder and CEO at NashWall said, “Our product is first of its kind. We helped photo studio save time & money by virus-proofing their systems. We give them freedom from overpromising anti-viruses & expensive service engineers. Our product doesn’t require internet, making it better suited for rural and urban areas with limited internet connectivity in comparison to a normal antivirus.We also provide, one click live help, as we educate & troubleshoot their system remotely. This is the only service that requires internet and works on all kinds of internet connections. “

NashWall has been deployed in various industries for the past few years, but an industry, with high interaction between users is more prone to viruses & malware. Having tried all brands of signature scanners, photo industry now finds virus-proofing as the only technology that prevents thousands of new strains release every day

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