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Philips Unveils Web-Based Lighting Solution

Philips has recently unveiled its Web-enabled LED lighting system in the Indian market. Dubbed as Hue, it Philipsenables you to manage home lighting even if you’re not at home. Priced at a whopping Rs. 16,995, the intelligent home lighting solution aims to woo the upper middle class in the country.

The Hue Starter Kit comprises three Hue lamps-the Hue Go, Hue Beyond and Hue Bloom as well as a bridge to run them. However, the devices can also be purchased separately, without bridge. The Hue Go can be bought at Rs. 8995, whereas the Hue Beyond and Hue Bloom costs Rs. 22,995 and Rs. 6,750 respectively.

While the Hue Go is touted to be a bowl-shaped lamp, Hue Beyond is likely to be a table lamp.

On the other hand, the bridge offered in the starter kit connects the bulbs to the home Wi-Fi router. After the users have the lamps, bulbs, strips and a bridge, they need to download the Hue app on their smartphone. Once the application is downloaded, the bulbs would connect to their existing holders, after which they can be switched on and off anytime, anywhere. The app is available for Android as well as the iOS platform.

Besides switching the lights, it also allows its users to change colour shades of the lamps. They can also increase or decrease the light intensity depending on their convenience and connect to IFTTT to get reminders or notification if it is raining outside and other related things.

Talking about the launch, Harsh Chitale, CEO, Philips Lighting – South Asia, said, “Philips Hue will change the way people have experienced and interacted with lighting till now. Connected LED lighting redefines the possibilities with lighting taking it beyond illumination and creating value to enhance ur lives”.

The Philips Hue range is available at Philips Light Lounges, Croma outlets and Reliance Digital across India, besides its online partner Snapdeal.