Philips Hue System Adds A Motion Sensor That Will Turn Your Smart Lights On Automatically

Philips Hue has a new accessory that promises to make it easy to Philipscontrol the lights in your home. Called Hue Motion Sensor, it will first launch in the US and will be available starting October at $40.

The small square-shaped motion sensor detects user movements to switch on or switch off lights. It can be placed anywhere and has 100 degree (vertical and horizontal) detection angle with a range of up to 16 feet. You can also set the sensor to control only (for instance) bathroom lights, or both bathroom and hallway lights. A specific set of light bulbs can also work with Hue multi-colour smart bulb range to give different colour effects at home.. The colours however, can be set using the app.

The Philips Hue motion sensor is backed by two AAA batteries and is rated to work for up to three years. Users can also set the time when the lights should switch on or switch off. Additionally, the lights can also be set to become dim before turning off completely. Day-time and night-time detection is also included in the sensor so that power could be saved.

Philips also launched its White Ambiance bulbs, which light up in different shades of white. These can be used for ceilings as well as in bathrooms. They are cheaper than the regular Hue bulbs. However, the exact price has not been revealed so far.

As per TechCrunch, the “White and Color Ambiance” A19 bulbs have also got an update with richer colours. The update widens the colour spectrum as well.