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Philips has returned to the television market in India with a new range of TVs

After being inconspicuous for some time, Philips has returned to the television market in India with a new range of TVs, including its top-of-the-line 4K TV range. The range features Philips’ patented Ambilight technology, which projects ambient lighting in the area around the TV itself to give an aura-like appearance around the screen.

philips 4k main

Apart from the 3840×2160 pixel resolution and Ambilight, the new range also features a 400Hz refresh rate for improved motion. Unlike a lot of 4K TVs available in India right now, this high refresh rate is at 4K resolution, which will ensure a smooth, flowing picture even at the highest resolution. The range of televisions can be classified as smart TVs, and are Wi-Fi enabled to allow users to access a wide range of apps and Internet-based services. The Philips range is also 3D-enabled, and uses active 3D technology. Micro Dimming Pro technology on the range ensures suitable colour adjustments according to the lighting levels of the room.

The Philips Ambilight 4K Ultra-HD LED TV range will be launching soon at key large format retailers and small retail outlets all over the country. Three sizes will be available: 50-inches, 58-inches and 65-inches. The range will be priced between Rs. 1,55,000 and Rs. 3,72,000.

Philips recently reduced its presence in India, and was for many months absent from the growing television market. Under its subsidiary PE Electronics, Philips has now returned to the television space and is looking to re-establish itself in the market and gain a larger market share in the TV segment.