Persistent Systems recognized in the Winner’s Circle by HFS Blueprint Report for Software Product Engineering Services

Persistent Systems is positioned among select companies featured in the Winner’s Circle of HFS Blueprint Report: Software Product Engineering Services.

‘HFS Winner’s Circle’ includes service providers that:

.Build collaborative relationships with clients
.Execute services with a combination of talent and technology and flexible arrangements
.Articulate a strong vision and a “new way of thinking”
.Have recognizable investments in future capabilities, strong client feedback
.Drive new insights and models

Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems“Our leadership is a recognition of strengths in building software products for our customers. At Persistent, we collaborate with born-digital companies, software industry leaders, as well as with enterprises who partner with us in their journey to become software driven. With Software 4.0, we are continuously strengthening our software product DNA with new competencies such as design thinking, collaborative innovation, hackathons, and continuous engineering. It is a playbook for our customers and ourselves for building next generation software and is at the core of everything we do.”

Sunder Sarangan, General Manager – Product Engineering Services & CMO, Persistent Systems“We expect the market opportunity to build digital and connected products to grow significantly. This is not limited to software or technology companies. It is also being driven by traditional enterprises and industries that are transforming into software-driven or technology businesses. Software 4.0 is at the center of our value proposition to further strengthen our leadership in this market for product engineering services.”

Pareekh Jain, Senior Vice President, HFS Research

“Persistent has clearly differentiated itself for its software product engineering services. Persistent stood out in our analysis for its revenue sharing engagements and its marquee customer list among software and Internet companies. It has also built a strong delivery capability on the basis of its global delivery presence and a highly educated workforce. With Software 4.0 as a strategic initiative, it is building on its product engineering capabilities with an approach and growth strategy for software-driven transformation.”