PC vs Mac Comparison, Intel has webpage for it.


Source: Intel

Soon after the release of M1 Chip based Macs, Companies like Microsoft and Intel are into a big surge of performing better in the tech market. Soo after the release of M1 Macs, it had received a lot of positive feedbacks about its performance in the real world.

PC vs Mac is a website to mock the limitations of M1 Macs to make the customers choose Intel over the Macs. This website is a part of their GoPC campaign which they started back in February under which the company pointed out the cons of having a mac and encouraging people to choose Intel through tweets.

Intel did try to mock Apple by mentioning a few drawback like having to use multiple gears, no touch screen, single external display and some more. Intel also created presentations to showcase the benefits of getting an Intel based PC over a M1 Mac. No having the ability to play certain high end games, and limited creation applications on bound to apple ecosystem.

PC vs Mac
Source: Intel

A company like Intel sure does feel threatened by the performance of the M1 Macs, and that is why they are trying to retain it’s customers through these ad campaigns. They did showcase some Content creation statistics, productivity performance in comparison to M1 Macs.

Website did showcase a lot of Laptop options including ASUS, Razerbook, Dell XPS, Lenovo, and more.

Apple is working on bringing out the M1X chip which is rumored to be more powerful and efficient than the previous first gen M1, and that is already a concern for other Processor companies for Personal Computing.