Payoye takes Mobile Payment to a New Level

Payoye is a Cash Card Contact less unified payment platform enabling merchants to accept payments almost anytime, anywhere, anyway and through anyone. The company is taking the payment system to another level.
In india, Payoye will be the only product that will enable payment via barcode (i.e. QR Code). The technology comes with an innovative UPP aiming at offering an eco-system which is independent of mobile phones/types/manufacturers, operating-systems, sales medium (online/offline), hardware terminals, software & e-wallets. In this eco-system everything becomes Point-Of-Sales (POS) and QR Code becomes the elemental component that makes this possible. In UPP, an ecommerce/normal website, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, hoarding, bills, receipts etc., anything and everything can become POS, ultimately increasing sales for the merchants.
PayoyeTM has applied for patent specifically on how QR Code is used as a mechanism to accept payments and secure way of embedding information on QR Codes. PayoyeTM’s patent also covers how Merchant app facilitates sharing of QR Code by merchants to its consumers to accept payments.
The company with its unique proposition has released two mobile apps for iOS & Android for merchant and consumers. A merchant generates a QR Code with amount in merchant-app and consumersusing their consumer-app scan and choose any payment instrument like credit/debit card, net-banking, e-wallets etc., to make payment. Merchants without a smart phone can use Payoye TM’s OYE Card – a credit-card size card with pre-printed QR Code with merchant information for consumers to scan and pay.

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