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Parental control apps to protect kids on the internet

If you want to supervise the online activity of your kids or teens who were given a smartphone this Christmas, you can install an app to control internet access, filter inappropriate websites and content, and block specific apps. Here’s our selection of some of the most comprehensive parental control apps on the market.
Family Link
This Google app must be installed on both the child’s and the parent’s smartphone. The parents can then decide which apps are permitted and which are blocked. Family Link reports the time spent online on each app installed on the child’s phone. It’s also possible to block access to the phone at certain times of the day (or night).
Qustodio’s parental control operates in a similar way, and provides a daily online activity report for each child. Device screen time limits can also be set for each child. With the free version of the app, you can only supervise one child on one device. Otherwise, the cost of the subscription fee depends on the number of kids and devices covered.
Xooloo Parents
This very comprehensive app also monitors kids’ online activity on different mobile devices. As an example, it can block an app after it has been used for a certain period of time, and the child is warned by a virtual coach when they are approaching the fixed limit. While the app itself is free, the cost of subscribing to the service starts at 2.99 a month and rises depending on the number of devices used by the children.