B2B Sales Arrow takes pride in functioning as a zero-debt organization. We are keen on developing organic growth as we have witnessed robust expansion since our inception, especially in the past two years – Paras Lohani, B2B Sales Arrow, Full Interview

Paras Lohani, Founder & CEO, B2B Sales Arrow LLC

Paras Lohani, Founder & CEO, B2B Sales Arrow LLC

B2B Sales Arrow is a research-based digital technology organization that believes in nurturing business with passion. The company has specialization in end-to-end Virtual Events, Live Streaming, and Media Production, Bespoke Market Research and Analysis, Deep Database Research, and Lead Generation. Below is a snippet from a recent interaction between Paras Lohani, Founder & CEO, B2B Sales Arrow LLC and Team IT-Voice:

Prateek: What is the story behind the “B2B Sales Arrow” and what is the vision and mission of your venture?

Paras Lohani: While graduating in 2004, I read about the remarkable philanthropic contribution of INR 400 crores by L N Mittal, the then richest man of India, to make a freshwater canal for his village in arid Rajasthan. Mittal’s compassionate gesture deeply inspired me to create a sustainable income model bearing tremendous potential to support my dream of giving back to society. There is where the seed of B2B Sales Arrow was sown!

In late 2012, the idea turned into reality and the foundation of B2B Sales Arrow was laid. We are a Marketing Automation & Research, Lead Gen., Events Tech., and Live Streaming organization committed to creating enormous value for its esteemed clients and giving back to society.

The organization is driven by our vision statement to be the Best and Most Admired Integrated Business Solution Company globally.

Our vision finds manifestation in our mission to pursue immense passion and strong belief in developing an open work culture that fosters actionable learning, individual growth, team spirit, and creativity to overcome critical business challenges and attain organizational goals. Our team of highly driven technology professionals is committed to enhancing our competitiveness and delivering profitable growth while striving to win the trust and confidence of all stakeholders by exceeding their expectations.

Prateek: How are your product/services befitting the society/customers/clients?

Paras Lohani: Team B2B Sales Arrow is an army of 55+ sharp Tech savvy professionals responsible for assisting multi-billion-dollar corporate giants with their custom virtual and global industry events, lead generation, media production, database development, and deep market research. With our newly launched innovative solutions around Virtual platforms, we have empowered our clients to pursue seamless navigation of their digital transformation from Physical to virtual.

We are successfully fighting fierce competition in the international market and winning business from big MNCs to create high-quality employment opportunities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India.

Additionally, amid the adverse pandemic impact across sectors, we are proudly creating exciting employment opportunities for cross-industry professionals and generating taxable revenue for the government.

Prateek: What are your future plans and what are your thoughts on prospective investors for your company?

Paras Lohani: We take pride in functioning as a zero-debt organization. We are keen on developing organic growth as we have witnessed robust expansion since our inception, especially in the past two years.

Presently, we are not looking for any outside investment. Furthermore, we are making an all-out effort to double our organization’s revenue in the next two years.

Prateek: Tell us more about your team and what helps you retain a healthy work environment?

Paras Lohani: B2B Sales Arrow family is not a 55 + Head count but 55+ Heart Count. The organization has invested in reinventing and empowering its HR function, including an in-house HRMS (Human Resource Management System) platform to adapt to the 100% work-from-home phenomenon. We launched a successful pan India recruitment drive that helped us develop a diverse workforce from 20 different states, thus creating employment for people from various industries.

We are immensely proud of our core values as our most treasured possessions. The founding pillars and the guiding principles that have always defined our organization’s work culture helped us develop a stronger family bond and gain strength and courage to persevere during the rampant Covid-19 pandemic. We relentlessly strive to safeguard and nurture our core values against all odds.

Prateek: What kind of leadership do you believe in?

Paras Lohani: We firmly believe in leading by example. Our Actions should speak louder than words. We strongly uphold our organization’s core values that guide us in the correct decision-making in unprecedented times. As an entrepreneur, I strongly feel that a business is very much identical to a Chinese Bamboo Tree that requires constant nurturing with lot of patience to reap exponential and sustained benefits.

We believe when the team is upskilling, the organization is upskilling. When the team is innovative, the organization becomes innovative, and when the team is happy, the organization is happy. Thus, the organization is nothing but the team.

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