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Pantum sees boost in printer sales as India gradually reopens

 Pantum has experienced robust growth in printer sales in the Indian market as the country gradually reopens, with monthly sales jumping 100%. Several Wi-Fi models are hot cakes in the market and sold out quickly with their increasing popularity during the pandemic.

One such model is the P2500W monochrome laser printer. No taller than a mobile phone and no wider than an A4 paper, this compact printer takes up minimal space and is easy to install, thanks to Pantum’s one-click installation. With a printing speed of 22 pages per minute (PPM) and a monthly printing capacity of 2,000 pages, it is particularly suited to home offices. Currently, approximately 80% of India’s population has returned to work, but some continue to work from home. Moreover, as schools in India remain closed, students must study from home. This model prints both work-related documents and schoolwork easily, while its mobile printing function enables users to conveniently and quickly print via mobile phones.

“I bought this printer because it is extremely compact and affordable,” says Abhishek Sawant. “Among them, the Wi-Fi model is the most cost-effective. I usually use it to print documents for my work, and I can do it directly from my phone thanks to the Wi-Fi function. This has made work much more convenient as well as printing homework for my children, which is extremely helpful in the current situation.”

Another sold-out model is the multi-function, all-in-one M6502NW printer. It can print, copy, and scan, making it ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, it can connect via USB, network, and Wi-Fi. With the Wi-Fi function, multiple users can connect to the same printer, saving costs and improving efficiency during a time when businesses are closely evaluating expenses. With printing and copying speeds of 22 PPM, it boasts a monthly volume of up to 20,000 pages. One-step installation and mobile printing make the experience even more seamless.

“I bought the Wi-Fi version of the M6502NW printer for our small business, allowing several people to connect at the same time,” says Soniya Jain. “It is both practical and cost-effective, with all the functions necessary. I would definitely recommend it to friends and other offices.”

In light of the pandemic, Pantum is focused on adapting to changes in work and life. Mr. Abhra, India Sales Head, says, “Given the pandemic, minimizing time outside of the house helps us protect ourselves and loved ones. To adapt to this new way of life, a printer can help us carry out more tasks at home, enabling us to complete our work efficiently and assisting children in their studies. In the long run, buy one! It’s also much cheaper than relying on printing shops.”

As the pandemic causes modern life to shift, Pantum products emerge as strong partners, helping users work and study in the new normal. Pantum will continue to adapt to consumer needs and develop printers accordingly. 

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