Pantum Introduces Easy Printing for Home Working and Schooling

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted workplaces on a massive scale as countries around the world mandate people to work from home to contain the spread of the virus. Pantum, a developer and manufacturer of laser printers and printing solutions, is bringing its compact yet powerful laser printers to help workers and students keep productive in the current strain of the new coronavirus.

“As office workers and students start to work from home, they need an easy-of-use, affordable and reliable printing solution to ensure a stress-free work-at-home routine,” said Michael Qin, Sales Director of Pantum. “To address this challenge, we are introducing our cost-effective, M6502NW and P2500W models, to provide high-quality, trouble-free and economical printing solutions for homes.”

Ever Easier with Pantum:
With the rise of remote working situation in India, many in-office workers and students will experience their first foray into at-home work. To get started, users simply need to install the driver downloaded from Pantum website or extracted from the disc. Once the driver file is initiated, users just need to follow the instruction to connect and finish installation with one click. Coupled with Pantum APP, users can realize fast and easy printing right from mobile phone or tablet without any additional set-up or direct contact.

Safety Net Offered by Dedicated Service Team:
Even though the new stay-at-home rule results in restrictions, Pantum remains to make sure users who are unable to leave their homes during the pandemic still enjoy dependable after-sales service through virtual guide. The Company continues to set up a national free hotline and online service center on its Facebook page, Pantum India, to provide customers troubleshooting solutions and free to-door repair service (After Lockdown) for products under the one-year warranty period.

Simple but Mighty:
Designed to meet the daily printing needs in the home scenario, the single-functional laser printer P2500W is capable of printing 2,000 pages monthly. With sleek design and compact size, P2500W fits any desktop and prints with speeds up to 22ppm.

Also, with printing, scanning and photocopying combined into a compact and elegant metal structure, the three-in-one M6502NW seamlessly integrates paper and digital workstream for various home working and learning scenarios from scanning and printing business files to submitting homework.

Go Green at Home:
With the compatibility of refillable toner cartridges, users can replenish the printers with toner with easy-to-use refill kits. It not only reduces the after cost but also mitigates the negative impact of manufacturing cartridges on the environment.

About Pantum:
Founded in 2010, Pantum is a printer manufacturer, with its business covering printers, printing materials, and printing solutions and services. In 2011, Pantum began its overseas expansion with current global footprints in more than 50 countries and regions, including China, the US, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. Driven by its patented technology, Pantum is continuously innovating its office products to meet the evolving needs of customers, offering economical, user-friendly, and energy-efficient products as well as reliable printing solutions. Today, Pantum is now also bringing greater value to Indian customers through its cost-effective products, premium services.


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