PanasonicEven as markets witness tremendous rise in sales of smartphones every year, looks like Panasonic is feeling rather left out. Rumours have it that the Japanese premiere is all set to make a re-entry in to the segment.

The mobile market has seen an unprecedented growth, however, so has the competition gone fiercer. After bowing out of the smartphone industry owing to poor sales and not enough demand for its devices, Japanese manufacturer Panasonic is looking for a fresh start. Buzz has it that Panasonic would be making a comeback of sorts next month at the Mobile World Congress 2014 event in Barcelona.

Panasonic will reportedly showcase a new smartphone at the MWC 2014. Touted as a sturdy industrial grade smartphone much like what we see from manufacturers like JCB in Europe, Panasonic’s new phone won’t however target the average consumer. There is no news whatsoever regarding price and specs of the same, however, gossip around the world indicate the phone will have a standard 5 inch display panel and will be shock resistant. This is all we know as of now, but come February we might get a pleasant surprise from Panasonic.

It is further reported that Panasonic is already in talks with American construction firms to market the device in the region. However, nothing is confirmed at this point of time. So watch out this space for more updates on Panasonic’s plans.



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