January 27, 2021

Panasonic Launches 3 High-Speed A4 Duplex Multi-Functional Printers in India

Panasonic on Wednesday launched three new A4 multi-functional duplex printers in India in its KX-MB2100 series, starting Rs. 16,900. The printers named KX-MB2170, KX-MB2130, and KX-MB2120 are priced at Rs. 20,700, Rs. 18,500 and Rs. 16,900 respectively.

The new printers by Panasonic, besides performing regular print jobs, additionally come with enhanced document security, as well as mobile printing functionality. The printers are aimed at market segments like hospitality, BFSI, real estate and helpdesk. The company says it aims to capture 20 percent market share in the country by 2016.

The new KX-MB2170, KX-MB2130 and KX-MB2120 printers feature 64MB of memory and deliver a pages per minute speed of 24ppm with double sided printing. Panasonic also says with 2-in-1 duplex printing, users can reduce paper consumption by as much as 75 percent, and toner consumption by as much as 50 percent. The laser printers are additionally compatible with Google, Cloud print and Mobile print applications.

Panasonic is also touting its Secure Print technology, which protects print data with with passwords, and stores data on the user’s computer hard drive until the password is entered on the printer. Up to 30 jobs at a time can be printed from data on the hard drive. Any additional jobs can be printed once the first 30 have completed. The KX-MB2100 printers measure 410x400x320mm and weigh almost 12 kgs. More details on the printers can be found on their dedicated website section.

“The range of multi-functional duplex printers is a step further to strengthen our presence in the enterprise segment. Panasonic has successfully made inroads into the Indian business market and this segment holds immense growth opportunities for us to expand in. With the launch of these products, we are looking at capturing 20 percent market share by 2016. We will continue to expand our market presence through economic and innovative product range and services,” said Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Panasonic India during the launch.

“Through this product we aim to aid business operations in an effective and economic manner. These printers entail high benefits for SOHOS and SMES for its dual economic feasibility i.e. affordable pricing and steady cut in cost of production along with a consistent performance. We will continue to serve the audience with innovative products which would cater to their needs with the changing dynamics of society,” added Ajay Madan-Category Head, GM, Panasonic India.