Panasonic has unveiled a rechargeable battery for wearable devices

ITVoice News: Panasonic has unveiled a rechargeable battery for wearable devices, which are known for high power consumption but with this battery, power consumption is likely to reduce. On Friday, Panasonic unveiled their new “pin-shaped” lithium-ion battery which is 20mm in length while 3.5mm in diameter.

1NJu104240AM1042014 Panasonic claims that this battery is the  smallest one in the industry, one-twentieth  of the size of AAA batteries. The battery,  called CG-320, has nominal capacity of 13  mAh and voltage of 3.75V. It also connects  Bluetooth and NFC links with smartphones.  It’s a very lightweight option in a compact  form which is quite suitable for wearable  devices. The Panasonic battery would fit  well with smart glasses, fitness bands and  other wearables.

According to PCWorld, Panasonic spokesperson wrote in an email, “The size, which is the smallest of its kind in the industry, can allow more flexible product design, and high strength and stability of form delivers high reliability.” The battery also reduces size and weight of wearable devices while Internet of Things (IoT) also becomes possible with this new addition. Two more similar batteries are under development with higher capacity by the same company. Those batteries will be heavier than the CG-320.

Panasonic’s battery is similar to conventional cylindrical lithium-ion batteries with negative and positive electrode sheets. The battery will be up for mass production with 100,000 units per month and shipping for the same will begin in February. Next week CG-320 will be demonstrated in public at Ceatec tech expo outside Tokyo.

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