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Pakistan blocked China’s Tiktok

Pakistan’s telecom controller blocked TikTok for not being able to filter out dissolute and offensive content, which is a type of another blow to TikTok that has come under growing scrutiny as its fame has coursed across the world. As per Pakistan telecommunication authority, the ban arrived given complaints from dissimilar sections of the society against dissolute and offensive content on TikTok.

The PTA said that it will review its ban subject to an acceptable mechanism by the video-sharing application to reasonable illegal content. The application said that they were committed to following the law in markets where the application is provided.

The application has become enormously predominant for a brief period by inspiring young users to post brief videos. But a number of countries have elevated security and privacy concerns over its links to China.

The application was blocked in India. It cited national security issues at a time of a border argument with China. Distinctly, it faces the menace of being barred in the US, and scrutiny in other countries comprising Australia.


Image from Tiktok


As per a PTA spokesman, TikTok testified twenty million monthly active users in Pakistan, while it was the 3rd most downloaded application after WhatsApp and Facebook over the last 1 year.

3 Pakistani officials had said earlier that a ban on the application was forthcoming. The application was issued with a final warning in July.

Muslim-majority Pakistan has media regulations that follow traditional social customs.

The verdict to ban TikTok was taken after Pakistan’s PM took an intense interest in the matter. Also, it has added that the prime minister has guided the telecommunication authorities to make all efforts to block discourteous content.

Amnesty International said that Pakistani people were being deprived of the right to express themselves in the campaign’s name against crudeness.

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