“OxyGarden catered to B2B clients however we plan to engage with B2C clients from the latter part of the year with a line of product customized.”-Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Founder & Director, OxyGarden.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Founder & Director, OxyGarden.

IT Voice:-What is the vision and USP of OxyGarden vis-à-vis other players in the same domain?

Mr. Abhishek Gupta:-The vision of OxyGarden is to mitigate the impact of air pollution on human life thus increasing the average life span, enhancing the quality of indoor air resulting in improved health and happiness index and transforming the landscape of homes by rearranging the art and décor patterns. In the years to come, people across the country will share the power and conviction of OxyGarden.

About the USP of OxyGarden, we believe our product is way more advanced and different than the standard synthetic air purifiers. Our product serves an indoor space of 800 sq. ft. with features combining the capabilities of all the below mentioned product classes: –

1)      Green Wall with Natural Green Plants

2)      Synthetic Air Purifier

3)      Air Humidifier and Dehumidifier

In India, currently there is no single product which is offering all the features of our product and can serve a space of 800 sq. ft.

List of some products which are able to serve some features of our product are: –

–          Sharp KC-Plasma cluster (Serves 250 sq. ft. with synthetic air filtration and humidification)

–          Philips 3000 Series Air Purifier AC3256 (Serves 1050 sq. ft. with only synthetic air filtration)

–          OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Humidifier and Purifier (Serves 400 sq. ft. with synthetic air filtration and humidification)

–          Venta LW25 Airwasher (Serves 400 sq. ft. with synthetic air filtration and humidification)

–          Existing Green Wall Companies like Life Wall and Hydra Green

It can be inferred from the examples provided above that our product is totally different from what is being offered in the market currently. The usage of natural plants, synthetic filters, innovative growing media, humidifier and blend of technology makes it a one of its kind Air Sanitizer in the World. The concise comparison is given below:

S. No




Purification Area


Philips 3000 Series Air Purifier AC3256

Pre-Filter + HEPA

+ Activated Carbon Filter


1050 Sq. Ft.


Philips AC3256/20

Pre-Filter + HEPA

+ VITA Shield


1000 Sq. Ft.



Pre-Filter + HEPA

+ HiSiv


775 Sq. Ft.


Sharp KC-Plasma cluster

Pre-Filter + HEPA

+ VITA Shield


250 Sq. Ft.


OxyGarden Forest

Pre-Filter + HEPA

+ Carbon Filter + Stomata in Plant Leaves + Microbes in plant roots + Aerated Activated Carbon Rich Growing



800 Sq. Ft.

In addition, two more points prove the superiority of our product over other products: –

1) No other air purifier produces fresh oxygen or converts carbon dioxide to oxygen all day long:

–          700 Litres* of fresh Oxygen produced by 1 product/day which means, 700 Litres of greenhouse CO2 is being converted to fresh oxygen.

–          Also, in one day, an average person breathes out around 500 litres of the greenhouse gas CO2 consume around 550L a day.

2) The efficiency of other electrical purifiers decreases with time, but our product’s efficiency increases with time. As the plant grows, its rate of producing oxygen and efficiency of purifying Air increases per day.

IT Voice:-Why having an air sanitizer will be beneficial even after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Mr. Abhishek Gupta:-In the last 2 decades, there have been a total 8 viral and bacterial related infections such as MERS, SARS and COVID-19 etc. If researches are to be believed, this is only going to get worse. Even then, there is no contingency plan for the future.

As we discussed earlier, one important aspect of prevention of transmission of viral and bacterial infection is maintaining an optimum humidity level i.e. 40-60%. As studies suggest, viral droplets get enlarged and settle out of air as humidity increases. However, in areas of low humidity, the same droplets can remain airborne for prolonged time period due to rapid evaporation. This not only increases the time and distance of the transmission but also significantly impacts the percentage of people contracting the virus.

This is where an air sanitizer can play a huge role. By maintaining the required level of humidity, it would drastically reduce the probability of transmission of virus and bacteria and save thousands of lives.

IT Voice:-What are the expansion plans of the company?

Mr. Abhishek Gupta:-Till date OxyGarden catered to B2B clients however we plan to engage with B2C clients from the latter part of the year with a line of product customized for their needs. This product would be smaller in size that would work in an area of 600 sqft (roughly 1 BHK).

Furthermore, we plan to introduce IoT in our product so that the customers can control the functioning of the product from any corner of the world. With a user-friendly app, the user could interact with the features of the product such as the speed of the fan, quantity of light and humidity of the room along with monitoring the real time performance of the product in terms of parameters such as the Indoor Air Quality, level of oxygen, relative humidity of the room etc.

An important addition in the line of supply would be OxyGarden Grow System. It is essentially an advanced version of the vertical walls available in the market but with organic parts. OxyGarden is based on nature and it will reflect in all its products.

IT Voice:-Is the company planning any major collaboration, if so, please share details

Mr. Abhishek Gupta:-Yes, a few major collaborations are already in the pipeline such as with major offline and online furniture, electronic & home décor stores that have a wider reach among people.