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Over the above for Radiant Value Add will be the biggest differentiator for the partners – Mr. Nishant Gupta

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Nishant Gupta, Director RADIANT INFO SOLUTIONS, reveals his strategies for business in India.

Mr. Nishant Gupta, Director RADIANT INFO SOLUTIONS

ITVoice :- Can you please elaborate on the journey of Radiant India?

Mr. Nishant Gupta :- In Radiant Info Solutions nothing has happened overnight, our channel business has evolved over the years and the hunger to improve the business with our partners and vendors has led us to try different business models to stay relevant in the market. In last 12 years, we have observed that there is no fixed formula, which is a right for the partners and vendors.  Both the ways channel will keep on adapting the changes and thereby get the market share and today we can proudly say that Radiant is one of the leading channel partners in networking solutions and offers unified network solutions that integrate capabilities in switching, wireless, broadband, storage, surveillance and structured cabling.

ITVoice :- What is the challenge that Indian market is offering?

Mr. Nishant Gupta:- The biggest challenge is how to grab the attention of consumers instantly in an intensely competitive marketplace with decision makers getting younger and extremely limited time spans. The challenge for legacy brands is about what was a pull product or service earlier becoming a push product now because of sheer competition.

ITVoice :- What is Radiant India’s roadmap for 2019-20?

Mr. Nishant Gupta:- This year we are focusing more vendor tie-ups and expand the existing portfolio. R&M the Swiss based Structured Cabling solutions giant is one of the acquisitions. We believe that it expands Radiant’s footprints in network integration business.

Also our focus is to make the channel more strong for the existing and long associated partners like Cisco & IP-COM.

The idea is to get into complete solution providing with consultancy, pre- and post-sales support, especially in a highly competitive and price centric segment like networking.

 In addition to this we diligently working to increase our ties and coverage in Tier-II cities and government sectors. Our sales and marketing engines are working together to identify and execute through geography specific partnerships.

Our focus for 2019 will be to continue providing customers with a Reliable, High Quality Product at a Competitive Price and support it with our Warranty and exceptional After-sales Services.

Overall our priorities is to give pace to our already fast-moving products and at the same time show unmatched supply chain management to our complete networking product range. So, by the next year market would see Radiant at a very different platform all together.

ITVoice :- What are the key differentiators of Radiant?

Mr. Nishant Gupta:- We believe that for the past years key differentiators of Radiant Info Solutions revolves around its core strengths and with which our partners get benefit i.e. policies related to unmatched supply chain management, competitively priced products and partner profitability. As a channel partner, we believe in product selling based on our policies with a vision of Global company with a Local mindset.  Also, we are concerned to protect sensitive information, and be sure to cover relationships with vendors, customers and other suppliers.

Over the above for Radiant Value Add will be the biggest differentiator for the partners. We believe that our ‘Value Add’ is graduated into ‘One Stop Solution’ for our partners and customers and thus reliability with our products and services zeroed in patterns and customer mindset.  Also, we are exploring different permutations and combinations in Channel business to fulfil growth aspirations of our partners.

ITVoice :- What is your channel policy in India? What kind of channel expansion are you looking for in the near future?

“Mr. Nishant Gupta:- Our channel policy lays under maintaining a strong bond with dealers from tier 2- tier 3 cities, facilitate them with ample options and ready stocks so that they serve their respective client effectively with minimal lead time. We believe that customer satisfaction will be crucial, and partners will focus on improvising the overall customer experience.

As the industry is transforming on a rapid pace and moving towards software define everything where technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI will become a key part of business operations, our partners will be seen embracing the new wave of technological transformation, our focus lays on such areas.

Value addition will continue to remain the key factor for growth and that’s why we will focus more on services than mere box pushing. In short, we are pay attention towards overall organizational health check to expand in near future.„

ITVoice :- What kind of strategy have you planned to position Radiant product successfully in the market?

Mr. Nishant Gupta:- Radiant Info Solutions always believe that IT business is fast paced volatile industry and thus remain updated with Information about technologies and market changes will give us the edge over the competition. For which we are investing more on marketing to create well defined strategies coupled with our channel business framework that offer quality, variety and updated information with changing behavior of products and services. We are meticulously working and create permutation and combination of our on-core strengths to ensure deeper market penetration and leaving no stone unturned. For past years we are actively participated in IT trade shows and this year will be no change as we have planned to participate in events across India. We maintain regular business meets with our partners and update then with our service by marketing materials and brochures. We also generating visibility with social and digital media.