Our vision is to contribute in creating a world safe for exchanging digital information – Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director, India & SAARC, Trend Micro

Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director, India & SAARC, Trend Micro.
Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director, India & SAARC, Trend Micro.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is Trendmicro’s biggest agenda for its India operations?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- As business needs have evolved, companies seeking greater flexibility and agility are embracing mobility, virtualization and cloud computing. The nature of threats has evolved as well, taking advantage of more open networks with targeted and persistent attacks. Security companies must respond with flexible, adaptable data and threat protection that follows the data wherever it goes. Because in the era of the cloud, your data can be anywhere!

Trend Micro understands its role in an increasingly interconnected world. As one of the oldest and largest internet security software and services companies in the world, we believe we can have a very positive impact to society and any investment we make in it can go a long way. We are not standing by and expecting others to do it because we know social responsibility is something that belongs to all of us.

Our vision is to contribute in creating a world safe for exchanging digital information. In the post-PC, cloud era, Trend Micro approaches security with a data-centric framework that advances the depth and breadth of the global threat intelligence coming from our cloud-based Smart Protection Network, integrates data protection that follows and protects your data, and increases visibility into data access and potential targeted attacks.

Our goal is to deliver smart exchanging with real-time protection powered by innovation solutions, big data analytics and deep security expertise; to provide simple yet safe specialised solutions that are easy to deploy and manage; and to offer security that fits the world with seamless integration with the ecosystem – maximizing existing investments, not replacing them.

Vikas Gupta:-  What kind of market verticals are you targeting to further push success for Trendmicro in India?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- We offer different range of products for different fronts like Home, Small Businesses, and Medium Businesses & Enterprises.

For Home we have Titanium Product Range. Titanium Internet Security is powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, our cloud-based security infrastructure that stops threats in cyberspace (or “the cloud”). The Smart Protection Network works by monitoring the Internet around-the-clock, worldwide, gathering and analysing threat data, blocking viruses and other malware BEFORE they reach your PC. The processing to stop threats is not done on your PC; this means that Titanium uses less computer memory and space – so it won’t slow you down.

Web Security Products for Small Businesses: Many small businesses don’t have an information technology staff, so they need a web security solution that’s fast, effective, and simple. The business software solution must protect them from web viruses, hackers, and cyber attacks. They need Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security solutions. Worry-Free™ Business Security provides fast, effective, and simple protection against web viruses, cybercriminals, and data loss, so you can focus on your business instead of worrying about Internet security. Worry-Free is ranked #1 in independent tests at blocking Internet threats BEFORE they reach your PCs; Mac computers; file and mail servers — increasing protection, while preventing computer slow down.

For Enterprise and Medium Business Products, we offer solutions for Endpoint Security, Web Security, Messaging Security, Data Center Security, Data Protection, Risk Management, Central Management and other solutions for Enterprise, Services & Business & IT Initiatives.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is the prime focus of Trendmicro today? What are some of the top priorities for the Company?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- As an early adopter of virtualization and cloud computing, Trend Micro has gained a clear understanding of the security challenges for extending protection into the emerging cloud environments. We believe that security solutions must evolve towards an integrated security approach that follows the data from physical to virtual to cloud environments. Also, to give enterprises full access to the agility and cost savings provided by virtualization and cloud computing, a tightly integrated security solution must cover physical and virtual endpoints and servers. The combination of integrated, light & lean virtual-physical endpoint security solutions and virtualization-aware data center security allows customers to preserve their consolidation ratios.

Today, Trend Micro offers a portfolio of integrated solutions that secures data out into the cloud.

We have launched Deep Security 9 for server security; for the enterprise segment, and contributed around 15 percent of our revenue last year. Recently we launched our integrated DLP product called I-DLP. With virtualization, security at the endpoint is getting revolutionized. With thin clients, integrating DLP at the endpoint level has become crucial.

The other new product we launched is Deep Discovery, which is aimed at managing APTs. The product works on the Detect, Analyze, Adapt and Respond model. Deep Discovery provides sand boxing or virtual analysis.

Vikas Gupta:-  How do you look at the antivirus market in India?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- Managing the security of devices, small business systems, and large enterprise networks will become more complex than ever before. Users are breaking down the PC monoculture by embracing a wider variety of platforms, each with its own user interface, OS, and security model. Businesses, meanwhile, are grappling with protecting intellectual property and business information as they tackle consumerization, virtualization, and cloud platforms head-on. This divergence in computing experience will further expand opportunities for cybercriminals and other threat actors to gain profit, steal information, and sabotage their targets’ operations.

It will be essential for business to use effective solutions to protect their business, Safeguard their customers’ interests and simultaneously establish and implement effective IT usage guidelines.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is your channel policy in India? What kind of channel expansion are you looking for in the near future?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- Trend Micro is focusing significantly on its channel ecosystem as they play a crucial role in making our products and solutions widely available. We have new channel initiatives which are designed to empower and make them profitable. On a regular basis, we will continue announcing various schemes and promotional activities to help partners earn higher rewards.

We introduced Trend Channel Empowerment program to enable our channel partners to sell our solutions more easily and profitably. We have also introduced channel training program to train the sales and technical team of all our partners to be ready for the next generation Antivirus solutions based on Cloud Technology.

We strongly emphasize to our partners for strong commitments towards mutual growth in one of the fastest changing consumer market in India towards personal integrated security needs.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is unique about Trendmicro as a internet security product vis-à-vis its competition?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- With over 20 years of global leadership, Trend Micro delivers proven security that fits into every IT infrastructure and meets the ever-changing needs of our customers. Unlike other companies who diversify or narrowly specialize, Trend Micro has grown into one of the largest security vendors in the world while maintaining a singular focus on Internet content security and threat management. With a track record of customer satisfaction, Trend Micro:

• Ranks in top three companies for web, messaging and endpoint security product sales.

• Leads in cloud-based security. We power our solutions with the superior threat detection and continual updates from the Trend MicroTM Smart Protection NetworkTM infrastructure and its powerful correlation engine.

• Defends tens of millions consumers, small businesses and enterprises with the efforts of 4,434employees, 1,000+ of them threats experts in 9 R&D centers located around the globe.

• Earns $1 billion in revenue, making us one of the largest pure-play security companies in the world.

• Provides a comprehensive range of security solutions that work seamlessly together with round-the-clock security coverage provided by TrendLabsSM

Vikas Gupta:-  How is the company positioned currently and what is your strategic roadmap for the year ahead?      

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- We develop Internet content security and threat management solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re recognized as the market leader in server security for delivering top-ranked client, server, and cloud-based security solutions that stop threats faster and protect data in physical, virtualised, and cloud environments. Today, Trend Micro offers a broad portfolio of integrated solutions that secures data out into the cloud.

We are looking at adding greater value to the company, channels and further advancement of the offerings. We wish to go a step ahead into our enterprise accounts, to sell new products like Deep Discovery and I-DLP to large customers.

Vikas Gupta:-  What is your growth strategy? How are you competing with other brands operating in the same space?

Mr. Dhanya Thakkar :- 25 years ago the Internet was in its infancy, social networking was done face-to-face, and the most powerful desktop computer was 50 times less powerful than an iPhone.

That was when Trend Micro’s founders had the foresight to anticipate a new, inter-connected world. And they were inspired to make the world safe for exchanging digital information.

Trend Micro has created a niche for its solution offerings. We are recognised our Internet content security and threat management solutions and it does not restrict our market interest. We are profoundly focused in making the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information and this is what defines our market.

We continually advance our technologies to deliver on our mission to make the world safe for the exchange of digital information.