“Our top goals include training our educators on newer AWS courses that are being offered. – Mr. Pushkar Verma, Cloud Wizard Consulting Pvt Ltd.”

Here’s the interview snippet from interaction with Mr. Pushkar Verma, Cloud Wizard Consulting Pvt Ltd.

IT Voice Spokesperson: Give us an overview of Cloud Wizard and its journey so far?

Pushkar Verma: We started as a born-in-the-cloud kind of a company in 2015, with the sole objective of providing Cloud based courses to the Indian masses. Cloud was a relatively new concept back then and the IT sector was warming up to the same. We started as a reseller of AWS Courses and over time have grown into an ATP. From initially offering 4 courses, we now cover 18 courses on AWS.

IT Voice Spokesperson: How AWS training can help to grow cloud skills?

Pushkar Verma: Over the years, AWS has evolved into a mature and complicated cloud platform. Its range now includes hundreds of products and services, and the level of complexity has increased as well. It is tough for someone just starting out on a new course/product to understand the most recent changes/additions to the platform. Getting trained with an authorised AWS partner makes it easier to tackle the hurdles.

IT Voice Spokesperson: How do AWS benefit a business to be more technically equipped?

Pushkar Verma: When the pandemic swept the world in 2020, we noticed that any organisation that did not manage their infrastructure on the cloud suffered greatly in terms of productivity and managing business from a remote place. When a company moves their infrastructure or information to the cloud, they get the ability to manage them remotely. Businesses that use the cloud are more nimble and save money.

IT Voice Spokesperson: Is AWS suitable for both small and large businesses?

Pushkar Verma: Yes AWS is for all. Businesses of all sizes and from very different industries are benefitting from the competitive advantage a cloud platform like AWS offers.

IT Voice Spokesperson: What are the funding investment plans?

Pushkar Verma: We are currently a bootstrapped firm, and our revenue model is entirely contingent on our year-over-year profit. We want to fund and invest in the near future with a significant sum, at least  $20 million dollar upwards.

IT Voice Spokesperson: What are your plans for expansion? Top priorities for 2022?

Pushkar Verma: We are keen to add AWS consulting to our existing portfolio of AWS trainings. This way we would be able to complete the support cycle for AWS customers in the SMB sector.

We also want to open local offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore to meet local demand for AWS services in these countries.

Our top goals include training our educators on newer AWS courses that are being offered.

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