Our platform offers Neutral, Confidentiality & Anonymity to the buyers & sellers- Mr. Navinder Chauhan,Director Marketing, Checkers India.

Mr. Navinder Chauhan, Director Marketing, Checkers India

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Navinder Chauhan, Director Marketing, Checkers India, sharing his business strategies.

Mr. Navinder Chauhan, Director Marketing, Checkers India
Mr. Navinder Chauhan, Director Marketing, Checkers India

Megha Mary- Tell us about ‘excess inventory market place’.

Mr.Navinder Chauhan- 

We (www.excess2sell.com) are India’s first B2B Excess Inventory Marketplace for unopened , unused products.

Our platform offers Neutral, Confidentiality & Anonymity to the Buyers & Sellers .We currently focus on verticals which include Computer Hardware& Software, Security & Surveillance, Telecom & Mobility &  Electronics & Appliances

Megha Mary- Give us a brief about excess2sell .

Mr. Navinder Chauhan- www.excess2sell.com – As a comprehensive B2B platform market place for excess inventory management across verticals, such as CE, IT Hardware & Software, Telecom, Security, Home Appliances etc.Business Model which aims to help retailers and wholesalers across all trade networks / channels optimize their costs with excess inventory management through its portal and provides access to buyers across the country.

“An ecosystem where-in the major risk or cost of product supply chain for a company or distributor is excess inventory and its inability of sales outside of in its focused region or geography. Creating Unique USP of a demand driven mediation for movement of excess inventory connecting the buyers and the sellers through a single platform, rather than a brand play or sales driven one which is a capital intensive model.”

The transparency between the two ends of the trade is managed by the company through intense verification process in its platform and exclusive interface for both the parties.  Excess2sell.com is a unique platform helping our channel partners on both the buyer as well as the seller side. For the buyers we are helping him to covert his aging/excess/over stocking items to sell and the buyer is also to unblock his capital which was struck with aging/excess/over stocking items in his inventory. For the buyers we are helping him source products which he has requirements from his customers but he may not be able to source from his local markets. 

Megha Mary-How do you get liquidation of your client sales?

Mr. Navinder Chauhan-Once the partners registers on our portal and completes his KYC,  he has the option of either uploading his products, stocks availability  and the offer details or he can get in touch with excess2sell customer care which will guide and support him throughout the process.  Our teams also give feedback to the sellers on the market feedback on the price acceptability and then source buyers for the deals. As of now we have more than 15000 buyers and sellers whom we are reaching and communicating the deals and offers. Once we have a deal in place our Customer Care hand holds both the buyers & sellers and provide end-to-end solutions that means right from product sourcing, buying, payment and providing logistics to sellers & buyers. You will find us on both sides of the excess inventory helping our ‘sellers’ (partners with excess stock) to meet potential ‘buyers’ (partners interested in excess stock). We ensure ‘anonymity’, ‘neutrality’ & ‘confidentiality’ for ‘sellers’ & ‘buyers’ by :

“Making it easy to list & present excess inventory to potential buyers

Making excess inventory give better ROI than fire sales

Making buyers have unprecedented access to excess inventory across India

We help brands liquidate excess inventory quickly and efficiently

Making sellers gain access to buyers all across India

We give buyers unprecedented access to excess inventory”

Megha Mary-Tell us about your client base.

Mr. Navinder Chauhan-Our client base includes Large, Medium & Small partners across the Computer Hardware& Software, Security & Surveillance, Telecom & Mobility & Electronics & Appliances.  As of now we are communicating with 15000 touch points.

Megha Mary-What are the achievements of the channel?

Mr. Navinder Chauhan-We are very encouraged and happy with the support of the channel partners which we have received so far.There are multiple testimonials on our website where in partners have commended our efforts and the requirement of www.excess2sell.com as an platform .

Megha Mary-What marketing channels are used by the company?

Mr. Navinder Chauhan- We are using both the traditional channel as well as new age (digital mediums) to market our platform. We have given advertisements in trade medium, we are using online mediums to propagate and communicate to our buyers and sellers community. 

“We also have our direct sales team & consultants across India who are working closely with buyers and sellers and help them convert their excess inventory into profits. We currently promote our website in 20 cities.”

We have 15000 B2B Partners all over India which are affiliated directly or indirectly.

Megha Mary-How e-commerce does help you achieve your targets?

Mr. Navinder Chauhan-We are using a unique business model O2O model .  we  are one of the first Platforms to use this model in B2B space in India.

“Under the O2O model, a buyer searches for the product or services online but buys it through an offline seller.  This opens up the whole country as a single market for both Sellers & Buyers across India for www.excess2sell.com platform .”