Our focus is on Brand Segment and some portion of unorganized scattered Segments- Mr. Arun Ghosh, Country Head, CyberPower India

Mr. Arun Ghosh, Country Head – CyberPower Interacts With IT Voice News Providing Exclusive And Significant Details About The Company Expansion Plans And Marketing Strategy.

Mr. Arun Ghosh, Country Head, CyberPower India
Mr. Arun Ghosh, Country Head, CyberPower India

Mr.Arun Ghosh)- Cyber Power are Manufacturers of UPS, Inverters, Battery banks, Accessories, PDU’s and Solar Invertors having 5 Manufacturing Units in Taiwan and China. Cyber Power Specializes in high quality power protection Products. Cyber Power is the leading provider of professional power management solutions thanks to our abundant resource from concept to marketing. With the target at global branding, what we provide is not only an award-winning engineering excellence but a reliable and innovative power protection for the sense of secure. Though its state-of-art technology in Power Products, CyberPower has gained significant success in more than 55 countries like US, Europe countries  etc. and has been further expanded to India.

CyberPower Launched Vast Product Range in India with CyberPower Systems India Pvt. Ltd  in April 2013. Started with Offices in Tier I & Tier II cities in Phase I & II and Now planning to start the offices in Tier III Cities by March

Shweta Sharma)- The Indian UPS market has of late witnessed the entry of few multinational suppliers. What are the key differentiators of CyberPower?

Mr.Arun Ghosh)- We are not the traders, we are the direct manufacturers with the global presence in 57 countries, so we are sure that our quality product will be accepted in the Indian market also.

Shweta Sharma)- What is your channel policy in India? What kind of channel expansion are you looking for in the near future?

Mr.Arun Ghosh)-  Ingram micro is our national distributor and through regional distributor the product will be available to retailers.  In the past 7 months, we had put a lot to develop our business channels, puttin. We promoted our UPS, Inverter and Solar systems in following channels as IT/Datacenters, Telecom, Commercial sectors & Mobile Battery Pack in Retail market, Online Market place.  In traditional Power distribution channels, similar featured Branded product market & local Brand products generate lots of competition. As per the Market survey India’s UPS Market was $ 528.5 Million in 2011-12 and projected to reach @ $828.2 Million by 2017 -18. We see that Power Related products are the trend to lead the new channel market. So We aim to cover 20% from the Branded product Market & 10% from local Product Market

Shweta Sharma)- What are the initiatives taken to popularize CyberPower? What kind of strategy have you planned to position CyberPower product successfully in the market?

Mr.Arun Ghosh)- We have targeted the Power segmented magazines and also conducting BTL activities to hammer our Brand visibility to 2000 Channel Partner all over India in the first phase. A successful BTL activity was conducted recently for Christmas festive season creating brand awareness of ‘CyberPower” to Retailers and Customers all over India. For Strategy, three terms are associated i.e. Objective, Scope & Advantage, where we are onto reach the end customer to break the downtrodden market so as the customer can have a clear view of what is to be chose. We are advantaged in Modern plus Going Green in using product line being careful about environment.

Shweta Sharma)- Could you elaborate on the process for recruitment of new partners?

Mr.Arun Ghosh)- We are focused on Single Niche, to platform the partners who are on to growing segment with quality and  absolute concept. Every partner associated with us is visional to grow with us.

Shweta Sharma)- What are your focus areas in India in terms of the markets, industries, and verticals that will help you improve business?

Mr.Arun Ghosh)- Our focus is on Brand Segment and some portion of unorganized scattered Segments. Industrial projection is on Pharmacy, Infrastructure etc. Our verticals are on the supplements for Infrastructure and IT Power Industries.

Shweta Sharma)- What is critical message for Channel customers?

Mr.Arun Ghosh)- Market is centralized between innovation and duplication and we are with open concept to make customer aware of going to deserving company.

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