our current distributors have already started expanding business by setting up new branch office’s all across India :- Mr.Gaurav Mathur, Country Business Head,Genius

Mr.Gaurav Mathur, Country Business Head,Genius
Mr.Gaurav Mathur, Country Business Head,Genius

Vikas Gupta-  What changes do you find in Genius’s go-to-market strategy in India?

Gaurav Mathur- Genius Go to market strategy is to go deep and widen the business to cover pan India business through our strong distributor and channel partner network. We are in the process of expanding our Internal team and focus on alternate channel expansion through LFR’s, SI’s , Etailers , Mobile channel  and corporate tie-up for bundle promotions .

Vikas Gupta-  what is your channel policy in India? What kind of channel expansion are you looking for in the near future?

Gaurav Mathur- We work through a strong regional distributor’s base in order to cover pan India business. We have a focused second tier volume partner base which we are further expanding in order to create the spread and depth of business all across India.

Vikas Gupta-  what is your growth strategy here? What are the engines of growth for Genius in India?

Gaurav Mathur- Our growth Strategy revolves around our strengths which is innovation, quality, easy to use ,competitive priced products and channel partner profitability . As a Brand we believe in designing products based on the current market demand and requirements of the end user .We are a Global company with a Local mindset . Computer peripheral Industry in India is clocking a steady growth  and consumer’s are willing to experience new technologies  and upgrades .Genius offers range of computer peripheral products to address the local market demand and is ready with Smartphone and tablet accessory product portfolio along with Pro gaming products based on the growing  market demand( 30% + YOY growth in smart phones shipment &  100% + YOY growth in tablet shipments )  . India is one of the emerging markets (BRIC NATIONS) with huge market potential and as a brand we are looking forward to invest / expand and be the technology partner for this growing nation.

Vikas Gupta-  What kind of distribution network you are planning?

Gaurav Mathur- We work through regional distributors all across India , As part of our business expansion policy to go deep and wide , our current distributors have already started expanding business by setting up new branch office’s all across India .

Vikas Gupta-  What are the challenges Genius faces today? What kind of growth has it seen over a year?

Gaurav Mathur- Business is all about risk, uncertainties and challenges. At present we are very focused and positive about business expansion in India. India being one of the biggest IT markets is full of competitors (Nth number of brands), price conflicts and increasing market share . However in this rat race brands tend to overlook product quality, end user easy to demand/value for money and channel partner’s profitability. Though Genius growth in India is relatively consistent over a decade, we feel proud in stating that we have never compromised on quality, innovation , competitive prices products and channel partner profitability. These would be the pillars of success for Genius to expand business in India.2013 we are looking at a 25-30 % YOY growth.

Vikas Gupta-  What are some of the points where Genius products score over the competing forces in India as well as globally?

Gaurav Mathur- Genius is one of the few peripheral Brands which started since 1983 ( Over 30 years ) and has expanded in a well organized manner .Our competitiveness lies in  Product innovation, quality, price competitiveness , channel partner profitability and wide range of products .

Vikas Gupta-  What kind of growth do you expect this year?

Gaurav Mathur- 2013 we are looking at a 25-30 % YOY growth in 2013.

Vikas Gupta-  How is the company positioned currently and what is your strategic roadmap for the year ahead?

Gaurav Mathur- Currently Genius would be amongst the top 10 peripheral brands in India . Our business expansion has already started and going ahead we would be targeting  to be  amongst  the top 3 brands . Our current strategy is aggressive marketing in channel and end user product awareness for optimum product  reach and visibility, alternate channel expansion, restructuring Genius sales and marketing support team for focused business expansion .

Vikas Gupta-  How do you see the next two quarters shaping up?

Gaurav Mathur- We have started receiving very good response from the channel partner who have shown trust and confidence and are willing to partner with our organization in our growth spree. We are very positive to reach our target of 30 % YOY growth for 2013 with newly added Mobility peripheral portfolio. Next two quarters we have planned aggressive marketing, branding and expanding our channel partner base .

Vikas Gupta-  What are Plans for Genius in 2013? Are you planning to come up with any unprecedented marketing initiative this year?     

Gaurav Mathur- Genius plans to implement the Push and Pull strategy to create the perfect balance for business expansion   . We are planning to start series of Channel partner meet , our first meet is in Hyderabad on 23rd September 2013 & we plan to cover all major cities of India as part of Phase 1 of our dealer meet plan.In order to strengthen our second tier volume partner channel , we are also planning to start a loyalty programme “GENIUS PREMIER PARTNER CLUB” in the coming months .As part of the Pull strategy we have already starting our marketing campaign through print media ( Pan India and regional channel magazines /newsapaper ) and Inshop branding in the local IT hubs pan India . Genius would be focusing on Social media marketing , Road shows in IT hubs and Malls ( Brand partner of TAITRA for Mall events Pan india ) and other promotional activities to create brand awareness and visibility.We are planning to expand our marketing and sales team in order to support and expand india business .


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