Original Amazon app removed from Appstore asked to download the new app Amazon India – Shop and Pay

Amazon has disabled its original Amazon app on iOS devices. The original app ‘Amazon – Shopping made easy’ is no longer supported by Amazon and users when they open the app will be redirected to Amazon’s website or asked to download the new Amazon India app. The new app has support for Unified Payments Interface (UPI) QR codes and the sign up for Amazon Pay UPI services. Amazon has been expanding its business all across India penetrating different markets. It has established itself as a major corporation and has invested a lot in India. Amazon had been splashing a message on the screen on iOS devices for quite some time now. The message asked the users to install the new app but had an option to dismiss the message. Now they have dismissed the button and when you open the app redirects you to the Amazon.in website and displays shop on Amazon.in or install the new ‘Amazon India – Shop and Pay’. Amazon has assured its customers that all their previous data and subscription will be transferred on their new app as soon as they sign in the application. They aim to improve the shopping experience of Indian customers using iOS devices. Both these apps were coexisting on the Appstore since January, but soon Amazon removed the original application. Amazon has been promoting Smart Store which a more advanced version or the digital payment ecosystem. Customers will now be able to scan a QR code and will have the information of all the products available in the store and pay through the app instantly. Amazon Pay, CEO Mahendra Kumar said, “Amazon Pay is already accepted at millions of local shops, and we are trying to make customers’ buying experience at local shops even more convenient and safe through Smart Stores. Further, through EMIs, bank offers, and rewards, we seek to make these purchases more affordable and rewarding for customers, and help increase sales for merchants.”