December 4, 2020

Optoma Unveils the New Generation of Cross-over Laser Projector – ZU510T

 in its Innovation zone. It features a floor to ceiling high-resolution edge-blended projection by using four 5,500 lumen ZU510T projectors installed at various orientations, presenting an eye-catching display on site.
The new Optoma ProScene WUXGA 5,500 lumen compact laser projector, the ZU510T, features Optoma’s new DuraCore Laser Technology with 30,000 hours light source in full brightness mode. With a light-source lifetime at 50% longer than most of its peers, the ZU510T is the ultimate choice for installation and commercial market projection solution.
This industry-leading lifetime, 30,000 hours, is achieved by using Optoma’s new DuraCore technology, implementing advanced laser diode cooling techniques and an innovative dust resistant design. Remarkably, even after 5,000 hours the ZU510T brightness shows virtually no change, which in our experience is unique in the projector industry for this class of projector.
“The fixed lens ZU510T offers all the benefits of Optoma’s laser technology in a smaller chassis.” Gordon Wu, Assistant Vice President at Optoma APAC, commented. “Committed to fully serving all the possible and potential projecting applications, including business, education, mobile, home entertainment, etc., Optoma is devoted to making your business more efficient, learning more attractive, and life more enjoyable. The ZU510T will enable us to further accelerate our growth in this sector and will consolidate Optoma’s position as a market leader.”
Key Features – ZU510T
  • 30,000 hours maintenance-free laser light source at full brightness
  • Exceptional brightness maintenance
  • Dust resistant – Independently tested, IP5X certification for total reliability
  • Superior colour – 99% Rec. 709 colour gamut coverage
  • Versatile installation with ProConnect and HDBaseT